Report EDiS Expert Rubber Sheeting Meeting October 16th 2013, Reutlingen/Germany

European Distributors of Industrial Supplies-rubber sheeting meeting

REIFF Technical Products in Reutlingen/Germany was host of last year’s rubber sheeting meeting.
The group of experts visited the REIFF logistics centre and discussed several EDiS issues:
Gerhard Salomon (Haberkorn), Kjell Johansson (Lundgrens), Mikael Johansson (Lundgrens), Iemming Johanson (Sorensen& Kofoed), Jeroen Dechering (Imbema Kunststofchemie), Ed Leek (Imbema Cleton), Jürgen Millich (REIFF) and Richard Döllinger (REIFF) debated on the development of business and market places in their respective countries. Activities and exhibitions were also part of the agenda. Agreements on joint purchasing were being decided upon in order to face the increasing prices of raw materials. In addition to that, new classifications for the EDiS product groups were introduced. The product groups are: rubber sheets, rubber profiles, rubber oulded parts, gasket material (Klingersil, graphite)/non asbestos and gaskets.
The next expert rubber sheeting meeting will be held at Sorensen & Kofoed (Kopenhagen) in November.

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