Richard Fredriksen

European Distributors of Industrial Supplies

On 8 November 2017, aged 71, the President and founder of Tubes International, Richard Fredriksen passed away.

Richard Fredriksen’s life is a story of fulfilled dreams of business success, accomplished through trust and confidence in people, persistence and commitment to the highest business standards. In the early nineties, Richard Fredriksen came to Poland from Norway, started a company, expanded it internationally and grew it into one of the leading suppliers of hoses and couplings in Europe today. Richard Fredriksen had this remarkable ability to discover the strengths and talents in people, to use their potential, to build a strong team that is behind the success of Tubes International. He valued competence, intelligence and comprehensive knowledge.

He always encouraged a positive, friendly atmosphere in the company. Richard Fredriksen had a vision of further growth and expansion of the company. We, the team of Tubes International, are committed to fulfil this vision and to advance the development of the company.

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