Roller celebrates with its first complete catalogue premier

Roller, the largest technical distributor in Luxembourg, has published its first complete catalogue at the end of June. A catalogue like no other, with a total of 1442 pages. Like the complete catalogue of the parent company REIFF Technische Produkte, famous discoverers and Roller associates from the various departments run through the catalogue and together stand for ingenuity and innovation. In addition to the product areas of the parent company – drive, seal, hose, profile and plastics technology – Roller’s catalogue provides a glimpse into its area of speciality: products from the area of work safety and tools. The wide assortment of work safety products encompasses personal protective equipment from head to foot. Roller supplies many important industrial companies in Luxembourg, Belgium and Northern France with work safety products, beginning from safety helmets to protective goggles and gloves to professional clothing for a wide variety of professions. Just as varied and of just as high quality is the technical distributor’s tool assortment. As a partner to well-known tool manufacturers, Roller offers a number of different tools and tool storage options. Overall, 4,000 copies of the French catalogue were printed and will be distributed in the weeks to come personally by outside sales associates from both locations in Luxembourg and Belgium to the company’s customers – the largest and most important industrial companies in the two Benelux countries. 

For more information please visit: Gummi-Roller s.a.r.l.

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