Safe transport of substances through hoses with KLAW Breakaway Couplings

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In 2015, Imbema Cleton became distributor of KLAW products throughout the Benelux region.
KLAW is a global leader in the design and manufacture of breakaway couplings (BACs).  In combination with our hoses, KLAW’s range of products permits the safe and reliable transfer of liquids, gases and powders in the offshore, marine, chemical and petrochemical industries. These products minimise the risk of spillage during transfer of substances, and avoid the high costs that would result from the subsequent damage and downtime. 

Safe decoupling
When liquids are loaded in marine ship-to-ship or ship-toshore applications, or in industrial truck-loading applications, there is a risk the hose may be broken by excessive tensile force. Breakaway couplings are built into the hose assembly to prevent this from happening. If the tensile force on the hose becomes excessive, the shear pins in the breakaway coupling break.
The coupling then shuts itself off so that decoupling is safe.

Flip-Flap Valve
KLAW drew from its experiences in the field to design a
unique safety coupling which is safer and more reliable than
products supplied by other brands. The secret behind the
product is the unique flip-flap valve design. This design has
many advantages in comparison with the classic poppet valve
design used by other manufacturers. The benefits offered in
practice are listed below:
• Easier to handle thanks to lightweight design.
• Quicker loading and unloading thanks to higher flow rates.
• Minimal drop in pressure.
• No loss of substance thanks to double seal.
• Partial decoupling impossible.
• Just 2 mm separation needed to activate safety system.
Since the coupling is resistant to high bending and torsion
forces, decoupling only occurs when absolutely necessary.
• Durable; average lifespan 20 years.
• Reliable; supplied with 12-month manufacturer’s warranty
and optional extension.
• Quick and easy installation.
• Since the coupling can be supplied with the connections
listed below, installation is quick and easy:
• NPT and BSP thread, male and female
• Flange connection (DIN, ASA, TW and TTMA)
• Weld ends
• Hammer Union

Wide range of standard sizes
The KLAW breakaway coupling is available in the following
standard sizes; 2”, 3”, 4”, 5”, 6” and 8”. The maximum operating
pressure for standard products is as follows:
• 2” = 40 bar (580 PSI)
• 3” = 40 bar (580 PSI)
• 4” = 30 bar (435 PSI)
• 5” = 27 bar (391 PSI)
• 6” = 23 bar (333 PSI)
• 8” = 17 bar (246 PSI)

If spillage of your product would not cause immediate damage,
but you want to avoid the costs of stretching hoses, loading
arms or other material beyond breaking point, then the nonbreakaway
closure is ideal. This reliable coupling does not
feature the flip-flap valve design, so it is possible that substances
may be spilt. However, the timely breaking of the shear
pins does ensure that decoupling is safe, and that the hose and
loading arm are not stretched beyond breaking point.

Other options
Components suitable for higher operating pressures and flow
rates as well as with other connections can also be supplied.
Just give us a call or send us an email.

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