TESS founders Olav Nygaard and Erik Joelberg

2011 marked a new milestone in TESS’s history, surpassing two billion NOK in turnover for the first time. The increase in turnover was 9,4% and at the same time the profit margin increased from 55%. This is mainly thanks to more efficient work processes and an improvement in the structure of the whole organization. This resulted in a pretax profit of 125,9 million NOK, an increase of 69%. A strong equity allows for continuous improvement of production equipment and facilities as well as investing in new branches, both domestically and internationally. The goals for the future are set with a turnover of 10 billion NOK in 2020 and increasing the number of employees from 800 to 2 400 during the same period. Seven new branches will open up in 2012, and within 2015 there will be 200 branch offices in Norway. At the same time the potential in foreign countries is massive, and a substantial part of the turnover will come from the foreign sector with establishments in new areas as well as expansion in existing areas. With a continued focus on technical know-how, quality and service TESS is confident in reaching its goals.

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