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TESS with more than 130 locations in Norway will get increased turnover also in 2020 compared with previous years.  Experience and strong leadership through their EDIS management representatives, Erik Jølberg (Founder and CO) and Ansgar Karlsen (CTO) are the main reasons for the success.


TESS New production

The first agreement for steel flying leads was signed the summer of 2020. The agreement covers the supply of “steel flying leads”, which are a completely new production for TESS Subsea and an expansion of the company’s service and product portfolio. The project was carried out as a development of the partnership TESS Subsea already has

with Nexans. The project will be delivered by February 2021.


A large part of the turnover is in exports to the oil fields of Merakes (Indonesia), Lin Hua (China), Zinia (Angola) and Pyxis (Australia).


For more information, please contact:
Stefan Johnsen, Tel:  790+47 478 40 790, Stefan.Johnsen@tess.no


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Large bore tubing for Fish Farm Equipment.  Large delivery made possible through cooperation with the Aker Group.  – We also deliver small

bore hoses, says enthusiastic Director of Aquaculture in TESS, Jan Eric Haagensen.

For more information, please contact: 
Jan Eric Haagensen, Tel: +47 988 45 463, jeh@tess.no.

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