TESS: New solution for maintenance of hoses

The new smartphone-terminal from TESS (middle) compared to traditional terminal to the left and the usual smartphone to the right.
TESS has refined its concept for hose maintenance (THM) in order to give the customers a large degree of flexibility in the choice of solution. LEAN has been an important principle in this further development of the THM concept.
TESS wants to give its customers the freedom to choose how they conduct their hose maintenance and simultaneously be able to use a fully developed, customized solution for the task.Software and hardware are key elements in the new customer oriented TESS Hose Management solution.The main upgrades of the TESS Hose Management ­Concept are:
  • Customer does not have to make investments as everything is based on rental (SaaS and HaaS).
  • The service level agreement aims to give the customers the best possible up time and support.
  • New technology provides the users a better and easier user experience.
  • The smartphone terminals are rugged, with high IP and can be delivered as explosion proof at level EX 2 and EX 1.
  • The solution supports maintenance work both online and offline with full access to all data. Update of the database with data from the maintenance work is done through the internet.
  • The solution is scalable for optimal customization, including the ability for fleet management.
  • Training of the customer’s personnel will be tailored to the implemented THM solution. The training can be accomplished on customer’s location.

Value proposals

The TESS concept for Hose Management is based on the LEAN principles and offers customers the possibility for LEAN methodology within hose maintenance. This means easier and quicker implementation, improved quality, reduced costs, increased up time, higher earnings and HSE benefits.

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