TESS Opened Service Center In Houston

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TESS, the leading hose supplier in Norway, has opened a new service centre in Deer Park, Houston in Texas.
The new enterprise, named TESS Hose Management Inc., is staffed with highly qualified hose professionals recruited from the local area. 

TESS has more than 40 years experience as a supplier to the oil and gas industry in Northern Europe. Norwegian American Rune Gabrielsen, with 20-year experience from the supplier industry in the USA, has been appointed head of the company, which will take care of all TESS activities in and around the Golf of Mexico.

Huge industrial area
In the Deer Park area there are several oil refineries and petrochemical industries. Mr. Gabrielsen points out that the district may well be considered as one of the world’s centers for hose supply opportunities. In that sense he thinks on the requirements of a hose provider where competition is overwhelming. The famous service of TESS and the very good location are key elements for success, and TESS has both.

Equipped for all services
The service center disposes 1,500 square meters of floor space. It contains a complete hose workshop and a welding area for metal hoses and other welding purposes. The crew has its own fully equipped service truck to handle on-site assignments at customers.

Business in progress
TESS Hose Management Inc. plans to extend the staff of five hose technicians. During the short time that has passed has TESS Hose Management Inc had a good start and sales really doubled from September to October.

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