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TESS International’s sales growth last year was 60%, and forecasting for 2022 is USD 27,5 million. TESS follow the customers globally by offering quality and competence. We have built trust by delivering first-class hoses and related products to our customers. With over 50 years of experience, TESS International also provides systems and services to world-class clients. Our dedicated staff takes pride in developing innovative technology and delivering bespoke solutions like the TESS Hose Management system and Integrated Supply Solutions.

TESS International is managed and coordinated from the head office in Drammen, Norway, located just a short distance from Oslo, the seat of the government’s headquarters, and to Norway’s largest companies, where the world’s leading engineering and technology cluster is located. Here, our professionals draw inspiration and ideas for innovation that form the basis for continued growth.

Tess - Rohre

TESS International coordinates the global activities of TESS, including service centers in Denmark, Scotland, the USA, Brazil, and Singapore. TESS International follow customers. This means that customers who contact our International service centers receive the exact high-quality solutions and services they are familiar with from our cooperation in the North Sea.

The International service centers are owned and operated in collaboration with local professionals. This gives local, national, and international customers easy and efficient access to the best they know from the North Sea.

TESS International has more than 100 employees and «flying» resources for projects. We are committed to increasing uptime and building good and long-lasting relationships with our customers.

For further information please contact www.tess.no or Knut Jølberg e-mail knut.jolberg@tess.no, phone +47 906 01 763.


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