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Product innovation in hose break-away prevention

Again and again, work accidents lead to costly damages and at worst serious injuries to employees. Whereas many areas can be protected using standard solutions, other areas are by nature full of risk. The use of high-pressure hoses is subject to special restrictions so that accidents can be prevented. In various guidelines and ordinances, lawmakers have prescribed that the whipping effect that occurs when a high-pressure hose breaks free must be averted under all circumstances. In the past, equipment designed to provide this protection have been  relatively cumber-some to use and are time-consuming to install.

One product innovation being marketed by the Technical Sales department of REIFF Technische Produkte since the beginning of the year now solves this problem. The Cablelock AS break-away safety alleviates the difficulties that conventional safeties have had in this area. The novel system can be attached afterwards without having to remove the hose line. It can be installed very quickly as a result. In addition, this new product, which was awarded the VTH innovation prize, offers the advantage that it can be put to use just about anywhere thanks to its com-pact design.

“We are constantly looking for innovative products that help us optimize our customers’ operations and processes”, explains Markus Walter, an engineer for REIFF Technische Produkte. “In our view, Cablelock AS very clearly belongs in this category: The advantages during installation and hand  ling don’t just make Cablelock AS a product that offers maximum safety, but also one of the most economical solutions in professional break-away safety devices for high pressure hoses.”

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