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At EDiS, we are proud to be one of the leading industrial hose suppliers in Europe. We offer a wide range of industrial hoses that are suitable for various applications in different industries, including chemical, petroleum, food and beverage, and more.

Our industrial hoses are made from high-quality materials such as PVC, rubber, and composite materials that are reinforced with different layers of fibers, wires, or metal to ensure maximum durability, flexibility, and safety. We also offer custom-made industrial hoses that can be tailored to your specific requirements.

As one of the most trusted industrial hose suppliers in Europe, we are committed to providing our customers with the best quality products and services. Our team of experienced professionals can help you select the right industrial hose for your application and provide expert advice and support throughout the purchasing process.

So whether you are looking for industrial hoses for water suction and discharge, fuel transfer, or air compression, contact us today to learn more about our products and services and how we can help you meet your industrial hose needs.

What are industrial hoses used for?

Industrial hoses are used for transferring liquids such as chemicals, petroleum, fuel, water, bulk material and for water suction and discharge. Industrial hoses can be used as well to transfer air.

Choosing the right hose to transfer your materials is important.

Industrial hoses from European suppliers

Hydraulic hoses, expandable hoses, hose Reel, hose pipe, hose holder, air hose and metal hoses

Our EDiS (European Distributors of Industrial Supplies) Members supply hydraulic hoses, metal hoses, air hoses, hose reels, hose pipes, holders, tubes, mountings, and fitting couplings made out of different materials and through various processes, including fitting cross-sections. The uses are nearly endless, and so is the variety in the production of industrial hoses. Materials have a vast spectrum from PVC, to polyester up to many rubber mixtures. In most cases, several materials are merged to create the desired combination for flexibility, durability, and safety. Depending on the intended type of use, industrial hoses have to be lye or acid resistant, suitable for very high or very low temperatures, abrasion-resistant plus pressure and vacuum resistant. EDiS Members are experts in the field of industrial hoses and supplies and will help you to find the perfect solution.

What are the industrial hoses applications?

Industrial hose applications varies. whatever the need for Industrial Hoses with high or low pressures, slow or fast transfer rates and with different materials.

They are manufactured from a variety of compounds and reinforcements that can be customized by color and branding for quick and easy identification.

A selection of industrial hoses from our EDiS members

Industrial Hoses for Cold and Hot Water - TUBES 2116

European Distributors of Industrial Supplies- Industrial Hoses - Industrial hose suppliers

The industrial water hoses TUBES 2116 by TUBES International made specifically for cold and hot water usage is a general-purpose industrial hose designed for water transfer. Because of it’s working temperatures (-30°C – +120°C), the TUBES 2116 hose is widely used for hot water wash-downs, cleaning floors, and equipment. It is also suitable for outdoor usage because of its resistance to different weather conditions and abrasion.

tubes international-European Distributors of Industrial Supplies
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Multipurpose Industrial Air Hose (PVC)

European Distributors of Industrial Supplies

AIR Industrial Hose 135 is an affordable and flexible multipurpose hose. The AIR hose is suitable for many uses, such as supplying air to pneumatic tools and workstations.

AIRDUC® PUR 351 EC - Item number 10024455

European Distributors of Industrial Supplies

AIRDUC® PUR 351 EC is a polyurethane extraction and transport industrial hose that reinforced with a textile inlay and steel spiral wiring. Due to its high abrasion resistance, the usage varies from transporting oil, petrol, or chemicals. Because of its flexibility, the AIRDUC® PUR 351 is also used for abrasive powders, dry bulk, granulate, and gases. It can be used on industrial extractors and vacuum suction cleaners. AIRDUC® PUR351 is RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) conform and can be used in potentially explosive atmospheres for methane gas extraction. It is also used for ventilation of coal mines and tunnel construction sites. This industrial hose remains flexible under cold temperatures down to -40°C and heats up to 90°C.

  • High abrasion resistant
  • Good oil, petrol and chemical resistant
  • Very good coldness flexibility
  • Hose wall electrical conductivity: contact and surface resistance <10³ Ω
  • In accordance with TRGS727 and ATEX 2014/34/EU: pneumatic transport of flammable dust and dry bulk (zone 20, 21, 22 inside), breathing of flammable dust (zone 22 inside), for transport of flammable fluids (inside zone 0, 1, 2), for transport of non-flammable fluids, for application in zone 1 and 2 (gases), for application in zone 0 (gases)
  • In accordance with DIN 26057 type 2
  • RoHS conformity


    Construction type: Medium heavy version

    Type: Polyurethane hose

    Reinforcement: Textile inlay, steel wire spiral

    Material: PUR

    Length: 10m

    Temperature of application area: approx. –40°C up to approx. +90°C

    Colour: black

    Manufacturer: NORRES

Multi-purpose Industrial hoses REIFF UniversalFLEX 25
European Distributors of Industrial Supplies

UniversalFLEX 25 is an industrial multi-purpose hose in the extruded version. The inner layer is made of NBR, and the cover is NBR/SBR. The electrical conductivity is R < 10^6 Ω/m. It’s black and smooth outer cover is abrasion, oil and weather resistant. This multi-purpose hose is best used for industrial oils, unleaded fuel, diesel, and heating oil as well as compressed air.

Multi-purpose suction and pressure Industrial hoses REIFF OilspiralFLEX
European Distributors of Industrial Supplies

This oil resistant multi-purpose hose with a black core is specially designed for suction and pressure. The cover of the industrial hose OilspiralFLEX by REIFF is made from CR with an inner layer of NBR. Additionally, the industrial hose is reinforced with a fabric inlay and steel wire spiral. The industrial hose with a corrugated exterior and black with red markings is 40m long. Its applicable temperature range is approx. –30°C up to approx. +80°C and can withstand a pressure vacuum of 0.7 bar/20°C.

Multi-Purpose Suction and Pressure Industrial Hoses REIFF OilspiralFLEX
European Distributors of Industrial Supplies

The Multi-purpose suction and pressure hose OilspiralFLEX by REIFF is oil resistant and applicable for a temperature range from approx. –30°C up to approx. +80°C and up to a pressure of 0.7 bar / 20°C. The industrial-type hose has a corrugated exterior, black and red markings, and cover of CR. The black soul inner layer is made of NBR, and it is reinforced with a textile inlay and steel wire spiral.


European Distributors of Industrial Supplies

Limited UV- and weather resistant and flexible REIFF’s SPIRAMET PVC is a spiral hose designed for the transport and suction of fluids. Due to it is resistance against a variety of chemicals.

Rubber water REIFF WaterFLEX

European Distributors of Industrial Supplies

The WaterFlex rubber water hose from REIFF is resistant to weather and aging and is widely used in industry and agriculture. Its material is perfect for transporting hot and cold water, as well as air and low to non-aggressive chemicals.

Rubber Water Tricoflex (1039)
European Distributors of Industrial Supplies

Lundgrens Sverige’s Tricoflex industrial hose is mainly intended for water supply and delivery in industrial, as well as construction sites and road works.

Safety Coupling Breakaway

European Distributors of Industrial Supplies

Safety couplings for industrial hoses from Gasso is primarily used for petrochemicals.

European Distributors of Industrial Supplies- Gasso Equipments S.A.
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Mounting – Fitting for Every Industrial Hose

Every industrial hose needs mounting; therefore, the product range is immense. The various usages of hose mounting need the best solution for every demand and every coupling. Together, our EDiS experts will help you choose the perfect fitting: stainless steel, steel, brass hose couplings.

Industrial Hose with Mounting – The Complete Set

Both products – hose and mounting – result in a functional and synchronized complete set. Our EDiS partners deliver every connecting and coupling part needed and even assemble them into complete finished sets for immediate usage. Upon request, each order is pressure checked.

Sealing technology / Sealing elements / Hydraulic seals

The most helpful sealing choice depends on a huge amount of different technical parameters. To fulfill all requirements a huge diversity of sealing was developed. Our experts give you suggestions for the correct use. Our huge product range is mostly back upped by our partner ‘Trelleborg Sealing Solutions’. A lot of applications in the field of sealing technology can only be covered by special products or redevelopments.

Rubber plates / Isolations – Delivery made to measure

A nearly unexhausted product range of sealing material, isolation stuff, abrasive and wheels and rolls. Qualified members of staff and a high availability of products guarantee you an optimized consulting service. We analyze your problems and discuss a solution for you, which is individual created for you. Our repair and assembling shop creates synthetic material and rubber material as requested by you. We reach accurate results with our modern machines when we stamp rubber parts.

Sealant and adhesive for all connections

From simple adhesives to high-quality contact adhesives over specific lubricants and self-gluing adhesive tape our product range also offers a huge diversity of technical and chemical products.

Anaerobic sealants and adhesives are often the technical best solutions. The huge diversity in the range of our products covers all industrial standards. Attuned to all different situations dosing units amend the product range,

Grease, Seal and Steam

The purposes of use of chemical and technical products has a huge spectrum. Often only one product is able to fulfill two or three different functions.

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