Positive results in TESS International

EDiS TESS International got positive results in 2018

The results in TESS International went positive in 2018. The operating profit sums up to 3,5 million NOK which is up from – 3,4 the year before. Sales increased 13 % to 113 million NOK.

The revenue from TESS International comes from businesses in Denmark, Great Britain, USA, Brazil, Singapore and Spain (Canary Islands). By the 30th of April 2019 the increase was up 34,8 %
from the equivalent period in 2018.

Thorough operational management combined with back up from the headquarters in Norway, realized the positive results, says Erik Jølberg, founder of TESS. 

– New customers and markets abroad are challenging, but it often proves to be a costly experience.

Honest cooperation

The founder of TESS underlines that mutual and honest cooperation is as important as knowledege of handling cultural variations. – It takes time to establish and incorporate new frameworks. Our patience might be put on a stake. You have to be prepared to spend up to five years before you have the knowledge and oversight of the businesses in a new marked abroad.

Strategic relations

“All business is personal”, is an American saying. Everything is about building relations. Cooperation is necessary to establish profound and long-term relations. This becomes increasingly important in a global marked of which the competition is harder and different.

– TESS business model has proven its effectiveness also abroad and for the North Sea alliance in particular. Our local establishments in Stavanger, Aberdeen and Esbjerg cooperate with goods and service personnel. This secures the same quality and service no matter where they are located, says Erik Jølberg. He emphasizes that internationalization is crucial if TESS is to achieve its goal of tripling the turnover.

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