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Staffan Johansson - European suppliers & Distributors

Dear Friends,

you have a wording that time heal all wounds and what difference a year could make. Sales demands are on record levels, creating lack of supplies. A different but positive challenge for all of us. Business is in general good. Privately are many of us planning travels to meet relatives and friends after a year in isolation. In the north has summer arrived and the only negative impact on us is that Sweden got eliminated too early in the Europeans.

So, what did we learn? One thing we should know it that it will always be a new crise or challenge, but with a different name. And how shall we act in the next crises? It has been clear that weak business models have struggled, and others have prevailed and even made more profit in this challenges time.  

One challenge is that many of our customers are in transition, one known example is the automotive sector, due to that the combustion engine will gradually be extinct. Understanding what decisions, actions, and activities that were successful during 2020 are key for taking the right decision in the next crise. Even more important is to discuss and reflect of the mistakes we all made. Only by staying humble will you be even more successful in the future.

I am personally looking forward to meeting you all after the summer, to discuss and learn from you all.

P.S When it comes to football the ¨lesson learn¨ is easier – It helps to play with a full team.

All the best,
Staffan Johansson, President of EDiS and CEO of Beijer Tech

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