Thialf Innovation Lab and the Imbema Group: working together on the world’s fastest ice rink

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Ice speed skating is one of the national sports in The Netherlands. The Thialf ice rink in Heerenveen is internationally renown for it’s unique ice floor and broad facilities. These two combined form the base for record breaking performances. The Imbema Group is the official supplier of ice conditioning equipment such as the wellknown ZAMBONI ice resurfacing machine, for example.

Innovative developments

Imbema and the Thialf Innovation Lab work together on innovative developments relating to ice and air conditioning such as applications connected with the remote control of smart meters for gas, water and heat, for example. The collaboration will also cover sports medical applications using foam products.

R&D base and innovation
The Imbema Group is a group of broad-based technical trading companies that supplies high-quality technical applications and products that cover a wide range of sectors. Imbema is the Benelux dealer for ZAMBONI. Thialf will provide the Imbema Group with an R&D base and innovation lab for the (further) development of products through collaboration with manufacturers. The Imbema Group has been a reliable and passionate partner of Thialf for many years, guaranteeing quality and innovative solutions.

“Unique opportunity to work on innovative solutions”
Imbema is the first company to commit to the Thialf Innovation Lab, that has been in operation since summer 2016. Alexander Bloemers, Imbema Group CEO:

“This innovation partnership will give the Imbema Group the unique opportunity to work on innovative solutions and sophisticated test set-ups and to demonstrate our innovations to customers, employees and suppliers in this traditional Dutch heart of the Netherlands.”

Over the next years, Thialf, the Thialf Innovation Lab and Imbema work together on the world’s fastest ice rink.

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